XIP8 - DAO Leadership Colony Implementation

DAO Leadership Colony Implementation

“The answers lie within the heart of our leadership colony. A new team of community contributors whose love for XBE can be perpetuated into the long term success of the protocol, and whose bright minded skill sets can contribute to the DAO direction.”

Over the last several weeks, the XBE DAO has been looking at expanding the team to allow for community contributors to take on more roles and responsibilities. There have been several discussions both internally and within the community on how to go about this – and it was determined that in order for the DAO to flourish and help pollinate the DeFi flowers, we need to have a Leadership Colony who can help with being at the forefront of XBE’s vision.

These DAO leaders can assist with the maintenance and operations of the functioning XBE protocol (and apps), future deployments on new networks, as well as the engagement and implementation of DeFi and TradFi partnerships. Additionally, these DAO leaders will be at the front line discussions for our ambitions of further implementation and applications thereof in TradFi, DeFi and CEX.

We believe that the shortlisted nominees from the DAO quick vote have the potential and intellect to achieve this. So without further ado, we would like to introduce you to the XBE DAO Leadership Colony (LC);

In addition to the DAO leaders, the XBE community has way too much experience and knowledge for contributors to not be included with the LC title, and hence we would like to include

  • @Shenlong, and
  • @Teklink

as advisors to the Leadership Colony who will be able to work closely with the DAO leaders as well as the founders.

The Founding team will continue to be active and committed contributors to the XBE DAO, with the Founders advising the Leadership Colony.

In this structure we can collectively operate as an independent DAO, while still drawing support from the Founding team as they continue to contribute to the technical side of the project and to the TradFi partnership programs and Hive Pro.

For more information on the Leadership Colony, please read the blog - The XBE DAO & Leadership Colony - XBE Finance

With the above mentioned, we are starting to see the XBE DAO mature with highly capable members being a part of it. With the implementation of the DAO Leadership Colony, the team expansion will result in over 30 BEE team members, ultimately working together to achieve our underlying goals of bringing TradFi to Curve. This includes current team & devs, multisigs, community admins, DAO leaders, as well as advisors.

We are at the beginning of something great and having more contributors towards the protocol can expedite the turnaround on deliverables. With that in mind, as the Leadership Colony settles in, the opportunity to fill other DAO roles will start to arise and we look forward to seeing the DAO evolve!

This governance vote will be for the implementation of the aforementioned DAO leaders and Advisors;

Link to snapshot - Snapshot