XIP6 - DAO Hired Developers

Please note that this proposal is in discussion phase and no snapshot has been added yet. Once discussions take place, a snapshot link and google form will be provided.

XIP6 Proposal

During a DAO discussion that was done several weeks ago, we spoke about creating a more structural way to allow for community members to take part in the XB protocol and to help benefit the long term goals of the project. This structural idea allows us to create ‘Colonies’ that can target subsectional problems. This proposal is to initiate a Code Colony and to expedite the development process of XBE.

It is clearly evident that the core team has had their hands full over the last few months, and would appreciate all the help they could get, thus I propose that we start with the process of DAO hired developers that can assist.


The XBE DAO hires 3 senior developers that can assist the team in deployment, configuration, testing, fixes and the overall coordination of XBE’s code base.

To incentivise participation, each developer will get paid $10,000 worth of XBE per month, making the total expenditure $30,000 per month from the Treasury.

Each developer that wishes to participate will need to go through a KYC process with the team with sufficient non-disclosures signed, however can choose to remain anonymous to the community, if they wish to do so.

By hiring developers from the XBE DAO, the overall turnaround time on issues can be shortened, while also allowing for sufficient resources for any future development that is required.

Hiring Process;

We are opening up the door to any senior developers that wish to take part in this program and to help better XBE.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please fill out the google form below;

Form will be provided in 24hr based on the proposals discussions.

Once this has been completed, the team will get in contact with you on your preferred channel for further interviews and discussions.

After interviews are done, the top candidates will be chosen, and another governance vote will take place for the implementation process of these individuals.

Process after hiring;

The Code Colony will have two main categories; an Apiary which will include the core team, the treasury manager and the DAO coordinator. And a Swarm which will include all members of the community as well as members from the Apiary.

The Apiary will have a private discord channel to discuss the most relevant material that needs assistance on.

A #discussion channel will also be opened for the Swarm to allow for all community members to share and debate on technical related items. Once these discussions have been molded into a stronger idea, they will need to be scoped with its objectives and requirements, and then voted on.

If the vote passes, the Apiary will then start with the development process

Code of Conduct;

Members of the Colony, both community contributors and DAO developers should conduct themselves in a respectable, and professional manner. Personal feelings aside, communications should be prompt with logical reasons as to why the idea could benefit the XBE DAO.

All XBE DAO members should;

  • Contribute in a way that helps the DAO pursue and reach its objectives
  • Not provide any form of financial advice
  • Not disclose any sensitive information (Alpha versions, unconfirmed partnerships etc.)

Failure to reach these requirements will result in bans across Discord channels.


Vote will commence after discussions have been done.

Request for clarification: It’s unclear what level of commitment a developer is expected to provide. Are the 3 developers expected to work full time? If so, the compensation level is too low to attract high-end talent (at least in my part of the world). If they are not full-time positions, I think it’s necessary to specify the minimum expected participation (on a weekly/monthly basis).

This is a good idea. I am in talks with the BEE team regarding the DOA tech and support team structure. I will have a bit more info by tomorrows hangout.

Good day all, here’s a quick update on the dedicated DAO tech and support team proposal as discussed with the BEE team the past 2 weeks. The attached draft organizational structure will be the base used to finalise the budget for this proposal. Each of these positions will have a scope of services and responsibilities.

The main idea behind this proposal is to build a strong independent team with a sense of ownership and responsibility within the DAO community. This will allow us to take over from the BEE team to grow and manage the XBE platform as a hive collective.

Proposals will be submitted by DAO members - who will also vote on them according to their veXBE. Once vote has concluded, the Multisigs (veXBE proxies) will enact the approved proposals - in the case of “colonies” the Multisigs will transfer approved budget to each veXBE DAO approved colony from treasury to be used to execute the colony’s mandate (such as hiring and running the DAO tech and support team).

NB: The DAO tech and support team is not for Hive launch, but will be taking over from the BEE team after the system has been tested and complete. This team will not be involved in completing the current dev but rather the maintenance and future development work for the Hive.

Budget for each position has not been defined yet and will be put to a vote with the final proposal.

I will keep everyone updated regarding the final proposal and budget allocations.

For any questions or suggestions, please drop me a DM or msg in the Treasury chat: https://discordapp.com/channels/930741613695733761/937800265506127932