XIP4 - XBE Hive Reward Allocation (Test Week)

XIP4 Reward Allocation Proposal;

This proposal is for the allocation of XBE rewards to the Hive during the first week of launch.


With the redeployment of contracts and configurations being done, it is vital to discuss the amount of XBE rewards being allocated to each Hive vault during the first week. We will be launching with both the FRAX pool and the cvxCRV pool and although the multitude of audits and tests that have already been done, we will also have ImmuneFi onboard for a bug bounty program during launch. This will be considered an “Emission test week” which will allow us to test the reward allocation of both the Hive deposits and the XB referral system. It is proposed to allocate a smaller amount of emissions during this week, which we can then ramp up for the weeks following that.

XBE reward allocation;

The way the mechanics of XBE are designed allow for rewards to be called on a weekly basis, going from Monday to Monday. With this in mind, it means that a vote for emissions will take place throughout this week and will result in XBE Hive emissions starting on Monday the 7th.

With the redeployments of the contracts after Peckshield’s amazing work, the team would still like to take extra precautions and in doing so, are setting up an ImmuneFi bug bounty that will run in parallel to the launch of the Hive. Not only will this provide a slight form of marketing with more eyes on the protocol and code, but it will also provide a level of comfort with regards to protocol security, on top of the already 3 passed audits.

For more information about the updated contracts, please see the following below:


Controller: 0xED6DcE58903dAbc1f54BC6A57F766159C1FD6c52

Registry: 0x8f127e1f94De10aa4A12d06ca079B0C6C9ff2d52

ReferralProgram: 0x0250E91099A085A3B669c7E453768E63d6231c93

FraxVault: 0x2f71BB915bdc84dE7a168d8Ef4b7a6496fDd5e76

FraxStrategy: 0x2A54D44492D050E78A30e5AcF0Ee5BAD817f89b2

CvxCrvVault: 0x0CE600B55975D666D649fC19c3AD6E2BaeCA8EBD

CvxCrvStrategy: 0x958477765Fa9b37E93ce9320af8Cd53dB5F1866c

For more information about the XBE bug bounty, please see the XIP-3 vote that passed - XIP Bug Bounty Vote

Considering this initial week of launch, it would be advisable that we do not allocate a substantial amount of rewards to the Hive vaults. This allows us to gain greater knowledge of security via the bug bounty, it allows us to ramp up the rewards for the weeks following this, and more importantly – it allows us to test rewards from both Hive deposits and referral rewards. It is imperative that we test the Hive to ensure that it is working efficiently in preparation for the ramp up of rewards. This process allows us to test with smaller amounts which will then drastically increase in the hope to attract a greater amount of liquidity, and in turn protocol revenue.

It is also advisable that we aim to attract deep protocol liquidity during this period which means allocating a substantial amount of rewards to the XBE/ETH Sushiswap LP.

With the above mentioned, I propose the following allocations for the first ‘test’ week of the XBE Hive launch;

Option 1) Allocate 0% of the weekly emissions to the Hive vaults

  • 0% to the FRAX pool & 0% to the cvxCRV pool
  • 75% to the XBE/ETH LP
  • 25% to XBE staking

Option 2) Allocate 5% of the weekly emissions to the Hive vaults

  • 2.5% to the FRAX pool & 2.5% to the cvxCRV pool
  • 70% to the XBE/ETH LP
  • 25% to XBE staking

Option 3) Allocate 10% of the weekly emissions to the Hive vaults

  • 5% to the FRAX pool & 5% to the cvxCRV pool
  • 65% to the XBE/ETH LP
  • 25% to XBE staking

Thereafter the first week, we will have another vote for the allocation of rewards. Discussions for this will be done during the DAO weekly hangout as well as the Official telegram channel!

Voting will start Monday 28th at 6pm UTC

Voting will finish Wednesday 2nd at 6pm UTC

Hive rewards start Monday the 7th

Link to snapshot: Snapshot