XBE Finance July Launch Update

By Greg van der Spuy

July 7, 2021

6 Minute Read

We’ve wanted to reveal the details of our upcoming XBE.finance launch for some time now, and now we are finally ready to share!

The XBE protocol is preparing for it’s long-awaited launch, and aims to play its part in the ever more amazing world of DeFi! Before we can move to the next stage of product delivery for our Institutional audience, we are proud to be deploying the DeFi legs of the protocol and integrating our offering with a wider TradFi market!

To deliver on the gargantuan vision of a Decentralised and Integrated Finance Protocol, we are consolidating a clear and single message under XBE.finance as the protocol, with issuer partnership projects built on our Tokenised Securities product lines like EURxb.finance (and others in the pipeline) each “plugging-in” where needed.

The XBE Protocol earns fees from the liquidity attracted through the Institutional and Community Hive programs that support FIAT, Tokenised Securities, Stables, and ETH liquidity providers.

Together with our community we are making earning in DeFi easier, more accessible, and even more rewarding for everyone - with a strong emphasis on compliance where it’s justified, as we look towards a future where TradFi and DeFi can play together without having to compromise on their respective principals.


Fund Stables or ETH to your Metamask with Card or Wire Transfers
*Fees accrue to protocol

To kick off our launch, we’ve partnered with a leader in FIAT on-boarding to make it easier than ever to enter DeFi and the XBE protocol instantly* from FIAT while maintaining full compliance with FATF provisions, GDPR and equivalent data privacy requirements, and even exchange controlled regions through the following offering allowing you to use:

  1. Your Credit and Debit cards from almost anywhere in the world with cutting edge fraud detection and AML services to ensure on-going compliance with evolving regulations, and
  2. A FREE EUR banking account you can register for in your name complete with your own unique IBAN, from which you can purchase Stables and ETH directly
  3. Wire funds into and out of your bank account via SWIFT and SEPA wire payments from **anywhere in the world

This ring-fenced service makes it easy to top up your Ethereum wallet with ETH and stablecoins starting from as little as 50 EUR per transaction, with purchase fees as an additional XBE Protocol income stream - all enabled through industry leading, easy-to-use digital verification processes that completes in minutes for Cards, and as little as an hour*** to open the FREE Wiring account.

* Crypto purchases via card clears within minutes, but can take longer depending on network load
** FATF flagged countries, as well as the states of New York and Hawaii are not supported at this time
*** Using your passport to verify results in some of the quickest verification in the industry


Get ready to Stake and Lock-up your XBE for even more rewards with veXBE!

Now that the protocol can incentivise staking and liquidity with inflationary XBE rewards, we can finally stake our XBE and get a share of protocol rewards!

  1. Stake XBE for your share of ALL the XBE protocol rewards,
  2. Lock-up staked XBE to boost your reward rate even higher with veXBE (the longer you lock-up the more veXBE you get, the greater your boost)
  3. Participate in the initial 30 day Bonus Stake & Lock-up program for your share of an additional 5,000 XBE claimable at the end of the term, while still earning full staking rewards for the full the 23 months with guaranteed maximum veXBE.

Even More Protocol Income with the Community Hive!

Just like XBE protocol income is derived from Institutional users that provide liquidity through the tokenised securities and coming Institutional Vault product line, it will now also generate protocol income from DeFi liquidity providers that we attract through the brand new Community Hive - which at first glance looks significantly more promising than the projections for the Institutional Vault and xbEURO fees!

The Community Hive amplifies Staking & Liquidity Provider rewards for DeFi ETH and Stablecoin users under a completely decentralised earning service:

  1. Amplified incentive rewards for staking liquidity in some of the most liquid and profitable stablecoin pools in major DeFi protocols
  2. Additional incentive to stake your stablecoin pool liquidity rewards from native protocols for even greater rewards

This works by incentivising existing DeFi yield pools with XBE rewards, distributing a small share of the underlying pool rewards as another XBE Protocol income stream, and taking 1% for XBE Treasury to fund protocol gas costs - while the liquidity always remains untouched.


Join the XBE Referral Program to start earning from your network
*no liquidity required to earn referral rewards

Many DeFi users today struggle to break through to the mainstream protocols because they lack the liquidity to make a meaningful profit.

Our solution for these valued members of the DeFi community is the XBE Referral Program .

Referral rewards are funded from a portion of the staking/liquidity rewards that the protocol takes as fees - so users still get the same returns on their liquidity and staking irrespective of their referral status.

We know how important it is to ensure influencers and networkers have a strong value proposition to take on a project, and this program ensures that they have a powerful tool to benefit from activating their audiences.

By helping users generate rewards from simply referring new users to XBE we expand the protocol’s reach, and ensure that new members can start earning without having any liquidity - just by registering your wallet address below someone’s existing referral link, or through the app.

The XBE Framework for Tokenising Securities

Over and above these brand new and evolved products, the protocol is expanding it’s heavy investment into Tokenised Securities. The xbNFT Factory (that tokenises securities as NFTs which can be deployed within XBE and other DeFi protocols for Yield and Liquidity), together with the xbStable Factory form part of our xbSecurities framework. Having built the ESAT, EBND, and EURxb tokens, it allows security issuers and holders to adapt their regulated security to interface directly with DeFi - and we will be expanding a lot more on this in the coming quarter.

The xbEURO and XIV continues to undergo the critically important integration testing and audit process which is helping us harden and improve this whole product line, and lays the foundation for all future integrations of other tokenised securities with the rest of the amazing XBE Protocol offerings. Together this provides a tokenised security earning opportunity for FIAT and DeFi users alike!

As the protocol grows and attracts liquidity with our imminently launching Community Hive for DeFi and the Institutional Vault (XIV) currently in Audit, the protocol rewards increases creating a combined amplified incentive for liquidity providers and stakers.

This combined incentive should deliver a very lucrative earning rate exceeding the majority of stablecoin pools in ETH DeFi today…

With all this excitement - it’s easy to forget about the decentralised nature of XBE! That’s why the XBE DAO combines community proposals, voting on pool incentives, and treasury allocations in a single portal for those who want to play an active part in the decentralised protocol’s governance.

And still, this is not the half of it. Mobile FIAT Wallet Apps, co-branded community portals, BitFair markets, and adapting all of the above to each specific Layer 2 protocol (combined with our new products) all lie ahead in Q3 as we keep building out XBE as a Decentralised and Integrated Finance Protocol for everyone.

As always, we will launch when Audits and Integration Testing is concluded, but if all goes well we will be rolling out the above from mid July…

See you soon on XBE.Finance