XBE Finance DAO and Multisig assignment [PASSED]

DAO Vote Time!

The XBE team has concluded vetting of the XBE Finance DAO for Q1 2022. This vote is to appoint the first DAO participants. This process is reviewed every quarter. The DAO rules can be found on DAO overview - XBE Finance

This vote is to appoint the multisig signers of the DAO. Full KYC and compliance checks have been performed by the team for all multisig participants. The Alias’s are used to protect the user’s identity.

The XBE DAO GNOSIS Multisig was created on September 21st 2021:

Gnosis Safe https://etherscan.io/address/0x1F3f016493B1FA49ECF2eeA3FA85F3D7ACE36273

The signers are as follows (Alias followed by address):

  • Kudu - 0xd1ed9c7efeccef3b662461baafa06cd82c657b69
  • CasperDevries – 0x320e03F3333a5668e359d2A2fA7d0cF4a974D910
  • Bonesc - 0x913ee126A543Df83F604927A17FfeC50fF6C4024
  • Drasicjazz - 0xd38084ECbba2898cCea8D77e420014348c47c925
  • Ephex – 0x7E3771f07F769032419e39F2997d3daf512eD280

FOR – I support the appointment of the XBE finance DAO

Against – I do not support the appointment of the XBE finance DAO

Snapshot VOTE: Snapshot