Unpacking XBF

Unpacking XBF

by Tobie van der Spuy
Oct 22, 2021

What is the difference between XBE and XBF?

XBE is the governance token of the XB Protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, while XBF is the governance token of the XB Protocol on the Fantom blockchain.


What XB products are going to be deployed on Fantom with XBF?

The XB Protocol deployment on Fantom with the XBF governance token aims to bridge a specific gap in low gas fees to allow a larger user base to participate in the XB Protocol:

  • XBF Staking & Lockup
    The Core XB gov token is the basis of every Layer 2 deployment, as it is with XBF on Fantom – complete with the 2 year emission schedule, as well as staking and locking functions for boost & veXBF, and the XBF gov token liquidity pool incentives.
  • Easy XBF 1.0
    The Easy XBF router contract makes it simple for new users to add liquidity to the XBF/FTM gov token pool on Fantom with a single interaction, as it also stakes their LP tokens to earn the XBF LP incentives, just like the Easy XBE router contract does for XBE gov tokens on Ethereum.
  • XBF FIAT Ramp
    The Fiat on and offramp solution enables credit card and wire transfer purchases of stablecoins, and liquidating them (and cryptos) back into EUR FIAT that can be remitted anywhere in the world.
  • XBF Hive
    Hive deploys user liquidity into leading yield protocols on the network to earn rewards, and complements those rewards while making it easier to access through integration with the other XB protocol services.
    The XBF Hive primarily targets Curve deployments at the moment, but was designed to adapt to any yield protocol depending on what is practical for the Fantom network.
  • Easy XBF Hive
    Much like the Easy XBF 1.0 service, the Easy XBF Hive Router Contracts help users deposit liquidity into the correct Hive complementary liquidity pool and stakes the LP tokens in the correct XBF Hive Vault to earn XBF rewards over and above the original yield from the liquidity protocol.

XBF Hive also provides for the same referral commissions structure on three levels, rewarding up to 10% of protocol fees (7% of T1, 2% of T2, and 1% of T3 referrals) to the referrer.


The XBF Hive Staking Application


Is there going to be an XB(?) for every L2 we go to?

Because every Layer 2 has a slightly different audience with potentially different partner protocols and liquidity providers, each protocol may need its own unique approach to governance and direction to ensure a successful future beyond the core products deployed at launch.


Will the XBF Hive launch at the same time as the XBE Hive?

No, the XBE Hive will be the first to launch, and the XBF Hive will go live on launch of the XBF rollout roadmap.


What is the XB Easy App?

Non DeFi users that want to try an alternative investment option in DeFi can use the new Easy XBF Mobile app in their region to easily add liquidity to the Hive with their FIAT.

Easy XBF Mobile App lets you easily add XBF Hive liquidity from your regional FIAT account

Low gas fees on Fantom makes it cost effective for users to participate with smaller tranches than is practical on Ethereum at the moment, which means that the XB Easy App will most likely not be deployed on Ethereum with XBE.


What is XB Hive Pro?

XB Hive Pro is an institutional application designed for licensed financial service providers that manage customer funds to offer their customers access to DeFi through regulatory compliant structures.

XB Hive Pro specifically targets high liquidity networks like Ethereum to allow for the larger liquidity requirements of institutional players.

How can you get XBF gov tokens?

So far there has only been 3 ways for users to secure an XBF gov token allocation:

  • Sushi XBE_ETH LP Staking till 27 Oct ’21
    Protocol is running a promotion until the 27th of Oct ’21 that rewards XBE_ETH Sushi Liquidity Providers with XBF gov tokens when they stake their LP tokens.

A total of 720 XBF gov tokens are being rewarded proportional to Staked Sushi LP tokens over the 7 day period that started 17h00 UTC on 20th Oct ’21.

  • Surprise veXBE L2 Snapshot
    Within 24 hours of the XBE Hive being announced, a Surprise veXBE L2 Snapshot will be taken for all XBE holders that have staked and locked XBE.

XBF gov tokens will be allocated proportional to user’s veXBE at the time of the snapshot.

  • XBE Staking (& Locking) and Sushi LP Reward for 11 Oct to 17h00 20 Oct ’21
    To reward users that provided liquidity and had staked and locked their XBE during the 11 Oct – 20 Oct ’21 period, double the XBF gov tokens will be allocated proportional to the XBE rewards they would have earned during that period.

When can we see the XBF gov token distribution schedule?

The XBF gov token distribution schedule will be made available shortly after the Surprise veXBE L2 Snapshot.

Initial supply of 15,000 tokens including 3,000 in treasury has been confirmed, as well as an emissions schedule up to 40,000 total supply over 2 years.


How will XBF gov tokens be issued?

This is still to be announced, and will be released closer to Layer 2 launch.

It has been confirmed that some sort of vesting model is likely to ensure careful management of circulating XBF gov token liquidity at launch.


When will XBE gov tokens be issued?

The XBF gov token will be issued according to the rewards and distribution allocation on launch of the XBF protocol – the launch date is still to be announced, but it is expected to follow shortly after the XBE Hive Launch.


What comes next for the XB Protocol?

We are looking forward to Hive Launch – with our XB Fiat ramp service and referral deployment imminent!

For those community members that enjoy the spooky season – we recommend checking our telegram channel for a new scary BEE mascot.

Have a great weekend all!