Rewards, Hive & Layer 2 Update

Rewards, Hive & Layer 2 Update

by Tobie van der Spuy
Oct 12, 2021

Rewards paused with update on the way, and DOUBLE Rewards next week!

Some of our community members picked up a bug with XBE Sushi LP Rewards this Sunday, and we are happy to report that both user liquidity and rewards are safe and there’s been no loss of user funds.

Thank you to our stellar community members for their swift reporting and proactive participation in addressing this!

If you have unclaimed XBE Sushi LP rewards, please DM our admins for assistance to claim them – and you can still freely unstake your Sushi LP tokens at any time with the “Unstake [XBE]-[WETH] SLP” command on

We are releasing updates for this together with more of the Hive deployment in the next couple of days – while we paused rewards for this week. That means we will be adding this week’s rewards on top of those for next week to make up for it!

Yes you read that right – get ready for a BIG reward week coming up because that means double the rewards on your staked or locked XBE, and on your staked XBE Sushi LP tokens!

The Founders will be championing a bug bounty campaign that will be presented to the community soon, as we wish to reward our current white hat community members who assisted during this process, and other friendly white hats in the future! [edit – sorry for the silly spelling error here earlier]

XB Hive Preparation

We are currently awaiting final pass from our third party auditors on the Hive contracts, and will be announcing Hive very shortly after! Once the Hive is announced, you will be able to get your referral link, and have time to get your liquidity ready for when the Hive Rewards allocation starts.

Easy XBE 2.0 helps users set their risk and reward ratio to direct their liquidity in the Hive

Easy XBE 2.0 is also making some fantastic progress – see the sneak peek above! While we will still have to contend with high gas fees on Ethereum, the contracts are also being designed to make a real difference for users with smaller wallets on Layer 2s, and will form a major part of our L2 launch campaign strategies!

To add some suspense and excitement to the Hive Launch Campaign we will be announcing our first Layer 2 veXBE snapshot anytime in the next two weeks with just 24 hour notice, right before Hive Launch! If you already have your XBE tokens locked for veXBE – good on you, but if you still want to benefit from the Layer 2 token airdrop make sure you do so before the snapshot!

Proud to be BEE Keepers!

We are sure that this final stretch has had everyone (including ourselves) holding our breath in anticipation – and the team has been working long hours to make sure it’s worth it.

It’s a privilege to be doing something this exciting together with all you BEE Keepers, and we love your interaction on our socials – keep it up!

Next post on updated rewards contract due soon.