Double Rewards from 20th – 27th Oct ’21

Double Rewards from 20th – 27th Oct ’21

by Tobie van der Spuy
Oct 15, 2021

Hive Update

The 3rd party independent Hive audit conducted by Peckshield is expected to be delivered to the team on Monday 18th, and with this in mind we will kick off with the DOUBLE Reward week cycle just shortly afterwards on Wednesday 20th October to celebrate.

The UI tests have progressed incredibly well – Hive is now deployed on ETH mainnet and we are concluding end-to-end testing with release subject to the Audit report.

Once announced, Hive will be available for at least a week before Hive Rewards start to enable community members to get their referral codes registered.


We are busy updating the XBE and veXBE lockup page to allow users to provide LP to the new contracts and will be deploying these by Monday morning!

If you still have XBE Sushi LP staked in v1 and get a gas error when claiming from the UI, please contact any of our Admins in our Official Telegram for assistance.

The community spoke up about missing rewards this week – and we are listening!

We wish to reward the loyal LP’ers and stakers with additional rewards to compensate for the lack of rewards this week – in the form of a special Layer 2 XBF allocation!

Those with staked LP (and those with staked or locked XBE) who were in the pool or staked/locked starting from Monday 11th through to Wednesday 20th will be allocated DOUBLE the share of rewards they would have earned for the period in Layer 2 XBF allocation – coupled with the double rewards next week.

Layer 2

We are really excited to confirm XBF Hive!

XBF Hive will complement yield on

XBF Hive will use XBF (XB Fantom) governance tokens for governance, rewards, staking and locking with an initial 15,000 token distribution with the same emission schedule up to 40,000 maximum tokens over 2 years as XBE.

We are also exploring complementary FTM yield functions at the moment…

Initial testing of our Hive contracts have gone quite smoothly (thanks to Fantom’s fantastic EVM support) and we are really looking forward to bringing the vision and benefit of XBE to Fantom with XBF.

Together with the XBF Hive, our FIAT Ramps, Referral Program, xbFactories, and the EasyXBE 3 mobile apps are also on the Fantom Layer 2 Roadmap!

Hive Pro

Hive Pro is an Institutional Complementary Yield program that extends the XBE (and coming XBF) Hive product with a tailored experience for Traditional Finance users.

Hive Pro enables Licensed Institutional Fund Managers to deploy their fund and investor capital into DeFi and report in real-time on yield and solvency in compliance with tax and financial investment requirements.

By integrating the XB FIAT infrastructure for liquidity on and off ramping between funds in existing bank accounts and Hive Pro, Institutional Fund Managers can easily deploy capital into – and even more importantly exit – DeFi positions on demand.

More detailed announcements on Hive Pro launch partnerships to follow.

Surprise L2 Snapshot

Don’t forget about the upcoming surprise “Layer 2 Airdrop” veXBE Snapshot!

As shared in our previous post, users looking to participate in the L2 Snapshot campaign will only have 24 hours after we announce Hive to ensure they have as much veXBE as possible (by locking or extending your XBE lock for the maximum term).

We will release a detailed Layer 2 token distribution and vesting schedule together with the announcement.

Hope everyone will take some time to rest and prepare for a massive week next week!